Nomadic 2007 a success in SLO

November 27, 2014 | By

Hey world. I am just so excited that the Nomadic was such a huge success! Thank you to all of whom participated this year. The organizers did a fantastic job. They didn’t have the venue secure until the month before the event and they whipped the festival into shape in a very short time. Go Bill and Leslyn and the Muddy Bog Jugglers! We had 3 days of fun with a show, workshops and games. We had an awesome after party at the docks in Morro Bay, a big thanks to Kevin and family for that sweet treat. We got to juggle on the dock and eat nachoes, pizza and socialize. It made this festival very special. San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay are two wonderful and scenic places. I really enjoyed going into downtown SLO to eat lunch on Saturday, sitting on a patio next to the creek. It was a pleasure the entire trip. Everyone juggled, played with puzzles, played Mexican Train Dominoes and had fortune cookies that had special juggling messages. Fun stuff. I am looking forward to where ever it goes next year. We have some choices so I will let people know soon where it will be. I hope to see everyone there next year! Keep those first two weeks in November open in ‘08!

Winners of the games.
4 ball shower Ben Langholz
speed passing Tommy Stansell & Bobby Hartman tied with Martin Frost & Jack Kalvin
5 ball endurance with
odd balls Mathew Napoli
endurance club balance Ben Langholz, Bobby S., Mathew N.
simon says passing Jack & Jeri Kalvin
3 ball blindfold Tommy Stansell
5 club endurance Tommy Stansell
7 ball endurance no clear winner

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